Performance Collision Offers Certified Frame Straightening

Frame Straightening Performance CollissionWhen your car, truck, or SUV’s frame has been compromised by an accident, you need to know that your frame can be accurately restored. At Performance Collision, your safety is our top priority and we will ensure your vehicle returns to its original factory specifications. Whether it is major or minor frame damage, we have the tools to get you and your family back on the road safely.

At Performance Collision, we pride ourselves in using the most advanced frame straightening machines. These industry-leading tools allow us to get each job done right, quickly and accurately.

Velocity Laser Frame Measuring System Alignment Machine

Getting into an accident can cause damage to your vehicle’s frame invisible to the naked eye. We will return your vehicle to its pre-collision condition with Performance Collision Velocity Laser Frame Measuring System. Our computerized system can provide exact measurements before and after repairs have been made to ensure your car, truck, or SUV frame returns to factory specifications.

Our Velocity Laser Frame Measuring System uses computers, lasers, and high-speed electronics to provide a multi-functional diagnostic and repair analysis. By laser measuring 16 points simultaneously, we get the most accurate and comprehensive frame measurements. These measurements are then compared to the correct specifications for your vehicle. Not only do we know how much the vehicle is out of alignment, we know how far in each and every direction.

Got a specialty vehicle? Our Velocity Laser Frame Measuring System can even measure specialty vehicles including import and vintage cars as well as limousines.

Major insurance companies prefer these accurate records to show the quality of the frame straightening repair.

Chassis Liner Frame Straightener

Chassis Liner Frame Straightener

Performance Collision customers enjoy access to the industry-leading Chassis Liner Frame Straightener. This system uses air and hydraulic pumps to restore your frame to factory settings. This large and powerful platform uses a hydraulic ram to slowly and accurately bring out all frame damage.

Specialized Welders

Specialized jobs require specialized tools and we’ve got the best! With our TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas), MIG (Metal Inert Gas) and stick welders, we have all the tools for the best frame welding in the area.

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