Rust, Hail, & Weather Damage – Morgantown, WV

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Weather damage, left untreated, will eventually lead to dangerous vehicle instability. Take care of your vehicle investment and it can last a lifetime! At Performance Collision in Morgantown, our skilled technicians can help restore your vehicle’s physical condition following all types of weather damage, including rust and corrosion from overexposure to snow, ice, rain, road salt, and deicers, as well as dents, dings, and paint damage from hail, fallen trees, and other unfortunate encounters with Mother Nature.

  • Rust & Oxidation
  • Corrosion
  • Hail Damage
  • Tree Damage
  • Scratches, Dings & Dents
  • Wind-Blown Debris
  • Sun Damage

We Accept ALL Major Auto Insurance for Weather Damage

If your vehicle is covered by a comprehensive auto insurance policy, any hail damage your vehicle has suffered should be included in your coverage. In addition, if rust has occurred as a result of a unexpected covered peril (such as an accident, collision, flood, or even improper shop work), it may also be covered; however, the incident must be reported and a claim must be filed immediately after the incident. Unfortunately, rust damage that occurs over time as a result of normal wear and tear is typically not covered by most comprehensive auto insurance policies. If your vehicle still carries its original factory warranty or mechanical breakdown insurance you may be able to secure coverage through the manufacturer or insurance carrier. Whether or not you have insurance coverage in effect, Performance Collision can restore your vehicle to its original condition so you can get your vehicle back on the road looking great and at maximum performance. We accept all major auto insurance companies’ coverage for weather-related damage and offer valuable discounts for your convenience, as well.

Hail Storm Dents & Dings Lead to Hidden Damage

No matter how careful you drive, it can be impossible to avoid serious damage from an unexpected hail storm. In West Virginia, hail damage can be so severe that the vehicle may be considered “totaled.” Thousands of small dents can certainly lower your car’s value and attractiveness. Whether you have a few light dings or the entire surface of your vehicle has large, unsightly dents, this damage can spiral into all sorts of additional problems.

Your paint does more than make your car look beautiful – it is your vehicle’s first line of defense, much like your skin. When this protective layer is compromised, environmental moisture will rapidly begin attacking the metal underneath leading to oxidation, rust, and corrosion that will spread beneath the surface of the paint. This can cause serious hidden structural damage. Hail damage, no matter how minor, should be repaired immediately. If left uncorrected, the paint will ultimately begin to crack and flake off. The resultant rust damage will rapidly spread and consume the vehicle. Once rust begins forming, the level of repairs required increases. If your vehicle has been involved in a hail storm, schedule an appointment with Performance Collision right away for the fastest repairs – at the lowest possible cost. Let us restore the original smooth, glossy finish to your vehicle for maximum beauty and protection.

Rust Repair – Elimination of Surface Defects & Invasive Oxidative Corrosion

All vehicles will eventually experience some degree of rust or oxidative corrosion. Road salt and newer deicing agents that are being applied to the roads can penetrate even the tiniest scratch in your vehicle’s paint from the underside or bottom of the hood, panels, and concealed areas, where it can rapidly spread and destroy critical structural components. This is not only unsightly – it is dangerous.

Moisture is enemy #1 of your vehicle’s metal structures. When rain, snow, and ice become trapped under surfaces and beneath the paint of your vehicle, any bare metal will rapidly begin to rust and decay. If you have noticed that the paint on your vehicle seems to be “bubbling” or it has become warped or covered in brownish stains, hidden rust damage may lie beneath the paint surface. This is not an issue that should be ignored!

Although surface rust remediation is a relatively straightforward process, deep, invasive rust and corrosion can literally consume your vehicle to the point of utter destruction within just a year or two, making it structurally unsound and unsafe to operate. Performance Collision can halt the rust process immediately and restore your vehicle’s appearance and protective paint coating so you can continue enjoying your vehicle for a long time. We can obliterate surface defects as well as body components affected by invasive oxidative corrosion. The sooner you discover and repair rust, the better; however, even if you have holes through the body of your vehicle, Performance Collision can repair it all for you and restore your vehicle’s attractiveness while helping protect against future damage with a seamless application of professional-grade Pro-Spray paints and coatings.

Sun Damage and UV Fading

Although damage from the sun’s UV rays takes longer to occur than moisture damage, the effects can be equally devastating – especially for cars that spend most of their time outside. When paint begins to degrade, you may notice your vehicle’s color fading, turning “chalky,” or even cracking. A thorough cleaning, restoration of any damaged areas, and fresh coat of premium paint will help protect your vehicle for many years while you enjoy the “like-new” appearance of a showroom finish no matter how old your car is!

Your vehicle is so much more than a means of transportation. It is an investment, a means of self-expression, and your partner for work and play. Take care of it and it will take care of you. At Performance Collision, we love vehicles! Our team will provide the care your car, truck, or SUV needs and deserves to continue providing reliable service while looking absolutely beautiful. Contact us to learn more about our guaranteed high-quality auto body repair services. We look forward to working with you and your vehicle!