Scratch Removal & Repair In Morgantown, WV

Performance Collision Auto Body Shop

Your vehicle’s finish is its crowning glory – and the first thing people notice when they look at it! First impressions are so important. Be sure you’re sending the right message. Performance Collision handles all types of scratch damage to restore the original brilliance and protective capacity of your vehicle’s paint finish. We take pride in being Morgantown’s #1 scratch removal, paint correction, and vehicle protection specialists! From swirl-type scratches to the deepest gauges, our auto body repair professionals can eliminate them all for a flawless finish you can be proud of.

  • Swirl Scratches
  • Automatic Car Wash Damage
  • Keying, Egging, and Vandalism Damage
  • Tree Branch Scratches
  • Etching
  • Gauges
  • All Types and Degrees of Scratches

Fine Scratches – Swirl Marks, Etching, and Car Wash Damage Repair

No matter how appealing your vehicle is, the presence of even the smallest scratch can significantly detract from its beauty. When the surface of your vehicle is covered with swirl marks, scratches, etching, or other damage from rough automatic car wash brushes and similar equipment, it can be quite unsightly. Although these types of scratches seldom penetrate into a vehicle’s paint, they represent significant damage to the protective clear coat that protects the paint. Because automatic car washes service numerous vehicles each day, they tend to pick up all sorts of debris, which may include dirt and even rocks. When the tough synthetic-bristle brushes grind these materials into your vehicle’s clear coat forcefully, damage is almost guaranteed. If your vehicle’s finish has been scratched in this manner, contact Performance Collision. Many types of fine scratches can be removed quickly while you relax in our comfortable customer waiting area. We can restore your vehicle’s clear coat with a deep, glossy, reflective finish that is absolutely beautiful.

Car Keyed? Egged? We Accept Insurance Coverage for Vandalism Damage

Has your car been keyed? Did someone throw eggs at your car? Whether you know the perpetrator or were a victim of a senseless crime of vandalism, we understand how upsetting these types of damage can be. Fortunately, if you have comprehensive auto insurance coverage, your policy will likely cover your claim for damage repair of this type. At Performance Collision, we accept all major auto insurance companies’ coverage for vandalism and can help you every step of the way. In most cases, unless you have filed numerous claims, filing a claim under your car’s comprehensive coverage provision will not raise your rates. Because this type of damage is considered a crime, it must be reported to law enforcement as soon as it is discovered. Get a copy of the police report. You should also take pictures of the damage and keep all of your receipts for repairs. If the culprit is caught, the individual can be held responsible for the full cost of the damages they caused.

Don’t allow a few scratches to ruin the enjoyment of your vehicle. Bring your car, truck, or SUV in to Performance Collision and see why we’re Morgantown’s #1 auto body repair shop!