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Fender Bender? Let’s Get It Fixed for You Right Away!

Take care of your vehicle and it can last a lifetime! At Performance Collision’s auto body repair shop in Morgantown, WV, we keep our customers’ cars, trucks, and SUVs operating at peak performance and looking great year after year. When it’s time to repair or replace a fender on your vehicle, our highly skilled, trust our certified automotive body technicians to get the job done right so you can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that your car’s first line of defense against common road debris is providing the critical protection it was designed to offer.

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Why Are My Fenders Important?

Your vehicle’s fenders provide an important function – and unfortunately they are one of the most commonly damaged areas on vehicles. Primarily, they help prevent rocks, mud, snow, slush, sand, corrosive salts and deicers from impacting both your vehicle and nearby vehicles, people, and property. They also help form a critical barrier for your wheel housing and A-pillar. As your tires rotate, road contaminants are picked up and thrown with force onto the undercarriage of your vehicle as well as into the air and onto anything that happens to be in front or behind you as you travel. If your fenders are damaged, they cannot do their job. In some cases, a severely damaged fender can pose a risk of tire puncture or damage to interior structural components while the vehicle is in motion. Moderate to severe fender damage must be repaired immediately due to the safety risks involved.

WV Winter Snow, Slush, & Deicing Damage to Fenders and Wheel Wells

If a fender on your car has been damaged by contact with the road surface, collision with another vehicle or roadway debris, rust, or any other impact, it is essential to have the fender repaired as soon as possible. In West Virginia, we commonly see mud and winter slush embedded under the fenders and wheel wells of the vehicles we service. Unfortunately, this prolonged contact with moisture and deicing agents can cause rust to form and rapidly begin corroding and damaging critical metal body parts and structural components in areas hidden from sight. Your trunk, engine bay, and floorboards are at particular risk from this type of damage. You may have gotten a taste of this if you’ve ever had to kick caked-on snow and salt away from the wheel wells of your vehicle.

Fender Liner Failure Can Lead to Costly Damage – Repair or Replace ASAP!

While most older vehicles were equipped with metal fender liners, newer models include weather-resistant thermoplastic liners that can handle quite a bit of impact with rocks and road salt; however, they are not invincible. Due to the high speeds at which these materials repeatedly impact your fender liners, they will eventually develop punctures that can allow moisture damage in – and rust to form. Even the tiniest hole can result in catastrophic damage as it allows moisture in but not back out. If you suspect that your fender liners or fenders have suffered damage, be proactive. Bring your vehicle in for an inspection. Performance Collision can repair or replace damaged fenders before the damage to your vehicle becomes extensive.

Consider Fender Flares for Added Protection

Your truck or SUV may have come equipped with fender flares to help block the intrusion of mud, snow, slush, and deicers from impacting your vehicle. If your truck or SUV doesn’t have fender flares and you have dual rear tires or wider tires, you may want to consider adding aftermarket fender flares to help safeguard your important vehicle investment against damage from road hazards.

Fender Vents Maximize Performance & Fuel Economy

Air trapped within the wheel well of your vehicle can create both aerodynamic drag (which negatively impacts fuel efficiency) and aerodynamic lift (which reduces your vehicle’s traction). Fender vents address both of these issues remarkably well by relieving the unsafe buildup of pressure that creates front axle lift and rapidly routing trapped air away from the wheel arches to reduce drag and increase fuel economy.

Driving in the West Virginia mountains can really give your brakes a workout. Fender vents can also allow hot air that builds up from brake friction to escape while providing a steady flow of cooler air from the air intake openings along your front bumper through and out the vents. Elimination of trapped air also results in a smoother, quieter ride. Fender vents and port holes are not just for luxury sports cars anymore! They do more than improve the cosmetic appearance of your vehicle – they can offer real performance advantages.

Make sure your ride is protected throughout all seasons with Performance Collision’s precision auto body services. We approach each job with skilled determination to provide the ultimate in auto body repair services that exceed your expectations. Contact our friendly office staff today to schedule an appointment. Call: 304-292-2004. If you prefer, you may schedule online at any time for your convenience.