Bumper Repair & Installation In Morgantown, WV

Performance Collision Auto Body Shop

When you maintain your vehicle properly, it can serve you well for a lifetime! Performance Collision’s Morgantown auto body repair shop helps keep your car, truck, or SUVs in top condition so that it can perform well – and look beautiful. If a bumper repair or new part installation is required for your vehicle, you can rely on the experience of our certified automotive body technicians to complete the job accurately and efficiently.

Why Are My Bumpers Important?

The purpose of your vehicle’s bumpers is specifically to help protect the rest of your car from incurring damage in an impact. They are designed to absorb most of the damage from low to moderate-speed impacts, while the rest of your vehicle is spared from the most critical levels of damage. Unfortunately, because they are essentially “designed to break,” they almost always require some degree of repair or replacement in all but the most minor of impacts. In many cases, interior shock-absorbing components may have been crushed beyond repair and require complete replacement. It is important that these essential safety features are repaired or replaced as indicated so that they can provide the protection they were designed to provide.

Should I Repair or Replace My Damaged Bumper?

The decision to repair or replace your bumper largely depends on how much damage was done. While most older metal bumpers can be repaired if the vehicle has been involved in a minor collision, modern plastic bumper covers will typically require replacement if a crack is present because of its effect on the structural integrity of the vehicle. Some specialty vehicles may require custom repair work. Because each case is unique and there are numerous factors involved, it is impossible for our technicians to determine whether or not a replacement is required due to economic feasibility and safety considerations without examining the vehicle. We offer free estimates and can meet with you to discuss your options to help you decide. In many cases, the difference in cost between repair and replacement is not significant, so you may wish to factor this into your decision. When the bumper is replaced instead of repaired, you enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that an original, unaltered OEM bumper is in place.

Bumper Replacement for Serious Collisions and Auto Accidents

If your bumper has suffered a significant crack or dent, or if it has been completely crushed in a serious auto accident or collision, you may consider replacing the entire bumper as well as the interior components which have likely also suffered significant damage. The bumpers of modern vehicles consist of an interior steel structural support, a piece of shock-absorbing material (typically foam), and the exterior plastic bumper cover. While low to moderate-speed impacts may require only replacement of the plastic cover and possibly the shock absorber, more severe impacts may also require replacement of the steel support in order to provide the critical protection your bumper offers in case the vehicle is involved in a collision in the future.

If you have been involved in a collision and your bumper requires professional attention, the highly qualified auto body repair team at Performance Collision is standing by to assist you with the quality replacement parts and state-of-the-art equipment necessary to get you back on the road safely – as soon as possible. We stand by all of our workmanship with a guarantee of quality you can depend on. Contact our friendly office staff today to schedule an appointment. Call: 304-292-2004. If you prefer, you may schedule online at any time for your convenience.