Fender, Bumper, and Panel Repair & Replacement In Morgantown, WV

Performance Collision Auto Body Shop

Scratches, Dings, Dents, Chips, Rust & Environmental Damage

Has your vehicle suffered damage to a significant portion of its exterior structure? Are you interested in installing high-performance or more attractive auto body parts than those offered by the manufacturer? Whether your car has been involved in an unfortunate encounter or you want to set your vehicle apart with custom replacement parts, Performance Collision has you covered! From antique/classic cars and late model domestic and foreign models to brand new vehicles off the lot, we offer professional repair and replacement of rusty or dented fenders, bumpers, and panels, as well as slip-on rockers, door skins, trim, and select aftermarket enhancements that make your car perform better and look amazing!

Precision Auto Body Part Repairs

The skilled automotive body technicians at Performance Collision offer professional-grade repairs for all types of auto body components that have been damaged due to accidents, collisions, weather exposure, and vandalism. Our goal is to restore the original performance and appearance with repair work that is designed to last. We use only the highest quality replacement parts and Pro-Spray brand automotive paint for your peace of mind – and the ultimate in performance and durability. The repair of damaged auto body components is as much an art form as a technical science. Our skilled automotive body technicians are highly experienced in this discipline to deliver flawless results that blend seamlessly with the surrounding undamaged areas. From precision welding, joint and seam sealing, plastic repair and corrosion protection to sanding, feathering, smoothing, painting, buffing, and final inspections, attention to detail is a large part of why Performance Collision is the #1 choice for professional-grade auto body repair work in the Greater Morgantown, WV area. We pride ourselves on the premium quality of the work we do for you and are pleased to guaranteed our workmanship.

Repair or Replacement?

Because certain body parts are designed to crumple and buckle to absorb the impact of a collision (instead of transferring the impact directly to your body), it is critically important that any repairs you have done are completed with a thorough understanding of how energy is transferred during an impact. The Performance Collision team is highly trained and certified to restore fenders, bumpers, and panels to their original factory standards (or better) to deliver a repair that not only looks great, but provides adequate protection in case the vehicle is involved in another collision. We can also identify and repair hidden damage to the vehicle’s shock absorbing components, frame, and underlying structure. In some cases, due to an extensive or extraordinary amount of damage, a replacement of the part will be required for your safety as well as economic feasibility. 

We care about our customers and are here to help. The Performance Collision team can explain your options and show you the condition of any hidden defects and damage so you understand why a particular part must be replaced. Do not trust just anyone to complete repairs on your vehicle. Not only could it end up costing you more in the long run, it could be dangerous. At Performance Collision, we treat your vehicle as the investment that it is and we treat you with the respect you deserve.

Quality Auto Body Parts Replacement

Performance Collision is your trusted source for strong, durable replacement body parts you can rely on for performance that is equivalent to, or better than, your original factory-installed fender, bumper, or panel. Installation is performed with accuracy and precision for exceptional performance and a flawless repair that is indistinguishable from the surrounding body of your vehicle.

All Makes & Models – Price Match Guarantee

Performance Collision is qualified to work on all makes and models of private and commercial fleet vehicles. We offer a price match guarantee for all insurance estimates with replacement of OEM parts! Contact our friendly office staff today to schedule an appointment. Call: 304-292-2004. If you prefer, you may schedule online at any time for your convenience.