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Automobile Body Repair – Morgantown, WV

Have you been in an accident and want the most experienced technicians to restore your vehicle back to its pre-collision condition? Do you need an auto body shop with fast turn around times that will work with your insurance company? Do you want your vehicle serviced in a clean facility with the most up-to-date equipment? If so, Performance Collision is the place to get your car, truck, or SUV looking like new again.

Proudly Serving Morgantown, WV and Surrounding Areas

Performance Collision’s state-of-the-art equipment and facilities are designed to provide optimal auto body repair results in the shortest time. Our highly skilled, experienced technicians in the Greater Morgantown Area offer superior auto body services for individuals and commercial fleets throughout the surrounding areas. We can restore all makes and models of domestic and foreign vehicles. When you choose Performance Collision, you have access to the very best OEM parts and advanced collision repair science for amazing results that are guaranteed to restore your vehicle to its original performance and appearance. When it comes to collision repair, remember that you have a choice. Choose the best!

We Accept All Major Auto Insurance Collision Coverage

For your convenience, we are able to work with all major insurance companies. For a limited time, collision repairs include a free professional VIP detail service. Schedule today to get your vehicle looking its best! The experienced technicians at Performance Collision are happy to provide you with a free, no obligation estimate.

You Want the Best Auto Body Techs, Paint, and Equipment. We Have It!

When time is of the essence, you need an auto body repair shop with the most highly-skilled technicians and staff, advanced equipment, and capacity to get the job done right – right away. Our impressive 30,000 sq. ft. workspace gives us ample room to serve our customers with ease – and the efficiency you require. Performance Collision boasts two downdraft paint booths equipped with the entire Pro-Spray paint line, for a guaranteed perfect paint match and flawless results every time. Frame damage? It doesn’t stand a chance with our industry-leading Chassis Liner™ brand frame straighteners. For your comfort and convenience, we also offer a spacious waiting area designed to make the time spent with us as relaxing and pleasant as possible.

Performance Collision in Morgantown and Parsons, WV Before
Performance Collision in Morgantown and Parsons, WV After

Our Services

Collision Damage Repair

The fully trained, certified repair technicians at Performance Collision will work with you every step of the way to assess and repair both the visible and concealed damage caused by any collision. Our state-of-the-art Chassis Liner™ brand frame straighteners restore your car, truck, or SUV back to original factory specifications. We also offer advanced, professional grade body fillers that can be used to repair and conceal minor collision damage.

Fender, Bumper, and Panel Service

If your bumper, fender, or panels have been cracked, dented, scratched, or otherwise damaged, our team can quickly repair the damaged areas and provide an expert color match with an undetectable finish. In some cases (especially when an extensive area has many scratches, paint chips, dents, or damage), it may be more cost-effective to replace the part in question. Also, depending on the severity of the collision, underlying parts may require replacement for your safety, such as when critical components that protect the rest of the car from damage have been crushed or otherwise severely impacted.

Weather Damage Repair

West Virginia weather can really take a toll on your vehicle. Our trained technicians can remove unsightly and invasive rust damage from snow, rain, and corrosives such as salt and deicers before they render your vehicle unsafe for operation. When unexpected hail strikes, Performance Collision offers the expertise and equipment required to restore the smooth finish of your vehicle. We work with all major insurance companies to access coverage for all types of covered weather-related damages.

Dent and Ding Repair

It is virtually impossible to avoid dents and dings from grocery store shopping carts, careless people whose car doors dent your vehicle, random vandalism – and Mother Nature; however, your Performance Collision technicians can make all of that damage disappear. The trained Performance Collision team has the expertise and equipment to turn back the hands of time – in almost no time at all. Let us work our magic on your vehicle so you can put those dents and dings in the past!

Scratch Removal

Automatic car washes with stiff brushes can really mess up the glossy finish on your vehicle over time, resulting in an unattractive appearance with poor reflectivity that is just depressing. Tree branches, falling debris, or even your own keys can inadvertently scratch the finish on your vehicle, leaving ugly scars that are hard to overlook. Deeper scratches that penetrate your vehicle’s protective paint and primer truly pose a serious risk to the integrity of your vehicle’s structure, as they invite rust and corrosion that can quickly eat away at the metal. Whether you have surface clear coat abrasions or deeper penetrative scratches, Performance Collision can restore your sweet ride to its original glory. We offer professional buffing, as well as sanding, filling, and advanced downdraft painting service with the Pro-Spray line of premium paints to match the exact factory-applied paint color so that your vehicle will look like it was never damaged.